Assessment Study

About “Total System Introduction Scenario Survey Research”

Tokyo Institute of Technology (hereby referred to as “Tokyo Tech”), the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), and the Institute of Applied Energy (IAE) jointly promote “Total System Introduction Scenario Research (2016-2017)”, which is one project of “Leading Technology Research and Development Project on Hydrogen Utilization” conducted by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

This research’s goal is to evaluate the hydrogen introduction scenario based upon tolerable cost analysis on hydrogen production and energy carrier technology through the entire hydrogen supply chain from production, storage, transportation to utilization of hydrogen, considering Japanese policy and social situation, etc. In this research, the balance of energy demand and supply, contribution range of the reduction of CO2 emission, etc. when the scenario is realized will be analyzed, as well.

We analyze and evaluate the role, potential and value of hydrogen energy in the entire energy system considering how to implement it in our society. In addition, we also perform analysis and evaluation of the future prospect of technology development related to hydrogen energy in order to reflect the results in scenario and to refine it.

In Tokyo Tech, survey analyses of research trend for element and system technologies regarding hydrogen energy as well as technology assessments and future prospect of technologies based on related theories such as material science, thermodynamics, kinetic evidence and electrochemistry are conducted.

Current achievements and future plan of the research

FY2016 Achievements

  • Analysis and evaluation of energy demand and supply, greenhouse gas reduction and economic impact by full-scale introduction of hydrogen energy including total supply chain from production, storage, transportation and utilization of hydrogen.
  • Positioning the hydrogen energy in the entire energy system based on various evaluation axes and analysis and evaluation of future prospect of each element and system technologies based upon theories.

FY2017 Plan for Research

Integrate the following results of analysis and develop a scenario for technology development

  • Analysis of system toward the full-scale introduction of hydrogen (economic, environmental, technical macro analysis, etc.)
  • Technology assessments and future prospect based on theories (visualization of research and development trend, extract emerging research fields) and analysis toward diffusion of new technologies.